We invite you to visit our shop in the centre of Helsinki and see the annually renewed collection of exquisite silk- and fur-, liner- and reversible coats.

We offer professional summer storage for your fur coats. When bringing your coat in, for season storage around April or May, it will be maintained in temperature-, humidity- and light-controlled facilities, which is important for keeping the skins in good condition.

Re-modelling and repairs

Fur is recyclable in the most environmentally friendly way. Classical full fur coats can basically be changed to the style you prefer (given that the coat has been properly stored in the summer and that the skins are in good condition). Liner and reversible coats can be re-modelled by making a new fabric coat for them, or by changing or re-shaping the linings or/and the trimmings.

Linnanen Custom made
If you cannot find a suitable ready-made coat on the rack, or one to be repaired or re-modelled for you, we are happy to offer a custom-made coat from selected materials in your favourite colours and with your personal measurements.